photo by Econosmith

Friday Night in Newburgh


A bunch of us went to North River Listening Room in Newburgh to hear Rod MacDonald, singer songwriter and friend of Clearwater. How fun to join him on stage with Peggy A, Karen H, Betty Boomer as if 25 years hadn't passed!

Sue met us there with donations of natural and organic food for the road from Dick at Nature's Pantry in Newburgh. A case of liters of smart water, rice crackers, trail mix, walnuts, fig newmans, licorice, sandwiches, oranges, apples, bannanas and coffee soylatte.

Dr. Dave

The banjo needed a bridge. Vinnie stopped at Alto Music in Middletown NY on the way home to buy a bridge. They sent him back to Dr. Dave who tuned up the neck, shaped and cut a bridge to fit and installed it, at no cost. Link to his PhD dissertation at It's about using group practice of Transcendental Meditation to reduce society's collective stress.

Thursday Bounty in Westchester County


Catherine offered us this drumset last week. She got it over to the ECC at Sarah Lawrence College where Suzy works . Suzy collected warm clothes for kids, natural material rhythm instruments, two recorders and a flute, a banjo, two guitars and a wood xylophone that has come full circle through me to the camp we worked at and now down to kids in New Orleans. Erika works with Vinnie and she brought in a keyboard.

A Decision to Ride With Us

2/7/07 Sue decided to get time off and travel with us to see for herself and help. She is a good spirit to have along with us.

Wednesday's gifts

2/7/07 A package came in the mail from Ramblin Dave in Sarasota Fl. He
sent 10 Chicago Blues Harmonicas-key of C. Also CDs of live music from the Green Dolphin Grille in Roanoke when he went looking for Al Coffey last November and found him under the Dr. Pepper sign. Almost. There was mojo for Vinnie to travel with, their friendship goes way back.


We are going to work while we organize. Yes, a bit busy here.
Bill H is working on details to stop in Memphis on the way down. We'd like to drive down highway 61 (looking for the crossroad) outside Memphis on the way to Slidell.
Yesterday evening Bill Larsen from the St. Tammany Parish Library in Slidell returned my call about needs. It's been going down to the 30s there at night and it's damp. The goodwill closets are slim pickings in some areas. He will be getting me an address to ship warm socks, sweaters and jackets. We'll bring some things with us too. He's also looking into "homes" for most of my professional resources and library since I'll be taking a break from my early intervention after August. I'll bring down a box of infant/toddler/preschool learning toys and gather information about contacts to ship more after the trip.
Al returned my call today and shared the boyscout approach to packing the essentials for the trip. Thank you! We'll be roughing it to a degree (like sailing on the Woody during Pumpkin Sail). Vinnie, Al and I put our heads together about the gear and travel logistics complete with contingency plans. They have a banjo, my infant toddler instruments(in case we couldn't get the time off), 2 trumpets, 2 clarinets and an accordian and the Feel Good Tour Tshirt supply.

Monday gifts

Madeline brought an electric guitar and amplifier. Allan gave a small steel drum.

Room for it all

On Sunday we picked up a car top carrier from our neighbors Lynn and Sean. Thanks!