photo by Econosmith

Peace Summit Burlington, VT

Totem Pole Rik Palieri asked us to come and talk about how Clearwater uses music as a tool for organizing.

Saturday November 10th
CONTOIS AUDITORIUM, inside Burlington City Hall 149 Church Street.
How can music transform conflict into peace? Musicians effectively promoting peace through their art and lives give their perspectives on the union of music and politics, then perform - during a community potluck dinner at Burlington's City Hall!
1:00 Community Potluck (continues through panel and showcase)
1:00 Panel, Music for Peace: RIK PALIERI; MEL & VINNIE; JOSEPH GAINZA, American Friends Service Committee, INGRID HELDT, KENRIC KITE, ORCA Media
2:00 Music for Peace Showcase: RIK PALIERI, MEL & VINNIE, INGRID HELDT and others
All IndieCon events are FREE and ALL-AGES. If you're a performing musician or music fan, you'll probably find a showcase, panel, or documentary film in the IndieCon program to get psyched about. IndieCon 2007 is the third independent music conference produced in Burlington, Vermont by Big Heavy World, a crew of volunteers who work to support Vermont's musicians and preserve Vermont-made music.