photo by Econosmith

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami FL

Here we are in the parking garage getting ready to find the West Wing where Mr. Josph's room is. First up are Vinnie, Mel and Allan.
Next is Birgit, Eugen and Christina.
Allan putting on the style...

RJ Storm gift to Romel Joseph

This video of the delivery of the RJ Storm violin to Romel Joseph is also on YouTube. Allan Aunapu, Christina Leps (fluent french so we know we got permission to tape and post this), Vinnie Cerniglia, Mel Healy, Birgit Lehmann (Christina's cousin from Germany) and Eugen Karschewski (Birgit's friend on the Flip).

7.0 Earthquake in Haiti

On January 12th, while we were visiting in FL there was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. Through Allan Aunapu we learned about Romel Joseph. Romel is a Fulbright scholar, trained violinist at Julliard who also runs The New Victorian School in Port Au Prince. In January 12th 2000 The Victorian School was destroyed by fire and rebuilt as The New Victorian School. On January 12th 2010, after finishing up a violin lesson and putting his instrument away Romel found himself underground, the first floor went into the earth and he was there 18 hours. His violin lost, his school destroyed and his 7 month pregnant wife Myslie missing. His injuries included crushing his left arm and hand and both feet. He is in a hospital in Miami.

R.J. Storm, in upstate NY heard about this and decided to gift a violin to Romel while Romel was in the hospital. Ralph does work on Pete Seeger's banjo and Pete and Allan Aunapu go back to the first sloop Clearwater sail, Allan was the first captain. Tinya shipped the violin to Allan. He asked us to help him bring it, record it and post it on YouTube.