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February Beacon Sloop Club meeting

2/2/07 We had our first real snow in Pine Bush on Groundhog's day. It started as we left for the Beacon Sloop Club meeting. It was more wet than snow in Beacon but there was 2-3" here.
A large group of kids from the Rifton Bruderhoff opened the meeting singing Pete's songs for us-Rainbow Race, Garbage, The Hammer Song and more. Talk about the healing power of music; hearts were touched. A roomful of teary eyes on smiling faces.
We were surprised (and happy) to receive two contributions "for gas". One anonymous the other from Dick.
Steve, our Woody sailor friend gave us a small violin.
Dan gave us a small guitar.
As instruments are dropped off we'll tell you about them.
We'll also post pictures of the instuments of love before we leave.
Here are the first ones.
Peace now,

Healing Power of Music

The Healing Power of Music

Do you have an unused instrument sitting in your attic, basement or closet? You could send it down to kids in the areas hardest hit by Katrina, Rita and the tornados. We’re taking the minivan down to the Gulf Coast.

We leave early on Sunday February 11th Bring donations to us at the February Beacon sloop club meeting tomorrow night, to our home in Pine Bush or call or email to work out another way to get it to us.

We know Bill Hudson through the sloop Clearwater community. Bill has been working on us to join him and Al Coffey on the Feel Good tour from the start. Bill came through the valley last week and asked again. Short notice but perfect timing. This trip is cobbled together on a collective shoestring of resources from the four of us.

There is also a need for kid’s jackets and sweaters. They asked for easy to play instruments for the special needs classes, like tambourines, drums, sticks and shakers.

Mel's webpage is .
We'll send notes from the road here to

The Beginning

Our friend Bill Hudson was doing his recycling and had an idea of musicians going down to the area devastated by hurricane Katrina, twisters, Rita... It's called the Feel Good tour. (in the right column near the top under learn is an 06 video interview.)

Even if it is not on the front page or in the news these days folks still need help! Bill asked Mel to sign on since she's a song leading organizer. He and Al Coffey have been going down to Louisianna and Mississippi figuring it out on their feet.

Two days ago (Sunday 1/28/07) when he asked again the timing was right. Mel and Vinnie are collecting instruments to bring to school kids and packing up the minivan to spend a week with Bill and Al cheering up the weary. Bill says much of New Orleans is wireless so we can send you notes from the road.