photo by Econosmith

Where do we put our guitars?

5/18/08 We got home Sunday evening and repositioned the organ, bench, speaker, pedals and 4 wheel dolly. We secured it with rope and cushioned it with rugs and blankets. Now we know how much room we have for other stuff- not much.

Where the organ was before 1963

On our way back to Pine Bush we drove past Holy Name of Jesus, the church the organ was at before 1963.

Bill Grogan's Goat

Terry and Catherine taught us the song they sang as a family so many times so many years ago.
notes from Catherine: Memories of her dad, James B. Cotterall
*The sheet music to our family song, "Bill Grogan's Goat" My father, in his deep voice would sing a line and then the 6 "kids" would repeat the line in playful voices. She remembers: When dad would drive into the driveway from work, my mom would often say"Take your places everyone"....that meant, Suzy or Terry play the organ, one of us would turn off the TV and others would finish setting the table....He loved when Suzy would play "Beautiful Dreamer" and I would sing.....I loved when Suzy played Saber Dance and Ebb Tide. I always dreamed of being able to play, I took lessons but it just wasn't happening.
And then this one: I can't tell you how thrilled we are that our Hammond is soon to have the most perfect home! I have some news to share with you. Dad was diagnosed with a complex aneurysm 3 years ago...( given 6mo.) Dad passed away, February 14th. He was 85 in October. He was totally self sufficient, cooking, driving, cleaning....Every morning he would wake to watch the sunrise from his living room over the ocean.

Will it fit?

A gift in memory of their parents

Adding a plaque which says:

Our Family Organ 1963-2008
Gift in Loving memory of our parents
Jim and Mary Cotterall
New Rochelle, NY

Picking up the organ

Yesterday we drove down to Catherine's sister Terry's house in New Rochelle to pick up the organ. Catherine met us there with her husband Jeff and their three boys. Terry has the experience taking it apart and putting it together.
She also had some helpers there to help get it into the minivan.